Different Ways to Decorate Buildings

While homes seem to lend themselves naturally to Christmas decorations, decking out a building can seem like an insurmountable challenge. It’s not. The key to effectively decorating buildings is to ensure you match the size and scope of the building with the décor. Check out some ideas on different ways to decorate buildings we put together here at Christmas Night Inc.

Exterior Christmas Building Decorations

To truly make a statement on the exterior of the building, you typically have to go big and bold with your outdoor Christmas décor. You want to think in feet, not inches, and you also want to go larger-than-life for larger buildings to make the greatest impact.

Large Lighted Signs

Lighted signs that depict holiday greetings can be a great way to add instant impact to the exterior of a building. Since these signs are available in sizes that span up to 68 feet wide, they can serve as the central focal point of your exterior building décor. Smaller options are also available, as are saying that range from “Merry Christmas” to “God Bless America.”

Lighted Stars, Shapes, Figures

Large lighted signs aren’t the only way to make a significant impact when decorating a building. Other wire-frame signs featuring a series of light depicting different shapes are likewise available. Choices include stars, wreaths, lamp posts with ribbon, Santa Claus, elves, reindeer and other holiday themes.

Large Figurines

If your building has a front courtyard or other outdoor areas you want to decorate, large figurines are a notable way to do it. Life-size figures of Santa Claus, carolers, reindeer, elves and snowmen are all options, as are Christmas figures that double as outdoor benches or seating areas.

Massive Wreaths and Reams of Garland

Suspending an outdoor Christmas wreath in the center of the building’s face is another way to make an eye-catching statement. If one large wreath still feels lacking, you can choose several wreaths to display on the exterior in key locations. Smaller wreaths work well on exterior doors and planters, especially if they’re outfitted with lights and bow.

Outdoor garland is another option for festooning the face of the building. It can also be used around the main entryway and exterior planters as desired. Use a thick, hearty, outdoor-rated garland that can stand up to the elements. You also want to use enough of it to create a lush look that stands out against the rest of the building’s façade. Garland can also be accompanied by lights, ribbon and bows to further enhance the look.

Interior Christmas Building Decorations

Having a well-adorned building exterior sets up the expectation that your building’s interior will be equally as fascinating. Placing stunning Christmas decorations in the reception area, lobby and any large front windows will ensure you don’t disappoint.

Reception Area Christmas Decorations

A Christmas tree near the reception area in front of the main desk automatically adds holiday spirit, as does hanging a wreath on the wall behind it. Other options can include hanging a row of stockings or garland along the front edge of the desk. Lights can be included on the tree, wreath and garland to bring an even warmer look to the display.

Reception areas are also prime spaces to display poinsettias, which can be arranged in groupings for a spectacularly lush look.

Lobby Holiday Décor

An expansive lobby and high ceiling are characteristics of many office buildings, creating the perfect canvas for large-scale décor. Suspending decorations from the ceiling can look particularly stunning, especially if you choose large-scale lighted decorations that match with the scale. A collection of large, lighted stars can be suspended at different heights throughout a high-ceiling lobby for an exceptionally dramatic effect.

Large staircase banisters can also be wound with lights, with or without thick garland and large-scale red velvet ribbon and bows to add color into the mix.

Don’t forget the large-scale holiday figures. You can choose from the same selection of large Christmas statues available for outdoor use, or you can opt for those specifically designed to be used indoors.

Large Front Glass Windows

If the front of a building has large glass windows, the area is ideal for a large, eye-catching centerpiece suspended in the middle of it. A single massive wreath could work, especially if it’s decked out with ribbon, lights, ornamentation and a bow. For a more streamlined look, you could opt of a lighted wreath display that features a wire outline of a wreath highlighted with multiple LED lights.

Other lighted shapes or figurines can work in this large area as well, either suspended from the ceiling or placed directly on the floor facing outward from the windows.

With all these ideas of different ways for decorating buildings, you have a sensational starting point to move forward. Feel free to use as many of these ideas as you like, mixing and matching them as you so choose. Decorating buildings for Christmas can make the workplace as warm and welcoming as the home during the holiday season. Check out the selection of holiday decorations at Christmas Night Inc. for even more inspiration.