Announcing by Christmas Night Inc.

Christmas Night is proud to introduce our new website, Just as Christmas Night is your ultimate source for outdoor Christmas decorations , will try to be your ultimate source for all kinds of statues of your family pet, working companion or animal best friend.

Our dog statues represent the very best versions of dog figures made of resin, fine stone , ceramic, structured plush, metal and plush. These dog figures are skillfully, carved, constructed or assembled and colored in factories and workshops in the US, Italy and the Philippines.

Some of our dog statues are made to order and shipped in 4 to 6 weeks from our US factories. Many statues are carried in stock in our and our suppliers warehouse for immediate shipment by Fed EX Ground or LTL truck.

Poodle Statues
Proud, elegant and a bit of a show-off the Poodle is traditionally one of the most fashionable dog breeds. What Poodle owners know is that this ancient breed is also loyal, sensitive and intelligent.

Corgi Statues
The Corgi’s distinctive markings and perky ears, identify a sturdy, alert, athletic dog .which also shows dependability and loyalty to its owner as well as kindness to both man and dog.

Scottish Terrier Statues
Did you know that the Scottish Terrier is only one of two breeds that have lived in the White House more than three times? Our Presidents must have been taken by the Scotties charming, jaunty intelligence as well as respecting the Scotties’ self reliance and willfulness .

Great Dane Statues
The Great Dane, despite appearances , is truly a gentle giant with more than a touch of elegance. They are also, friendly, mid mannered and loyal to their person.

Dachshund Statues
The Dachshund’s build is one of the most distinctive among popular breeds.
Encased in that body, is a dog that is clever, amusing and curious. They are superior but affectionate and lively but suspicious A wonderful combination for the dog person.

Cocker Spaniel Statues
The ideal family dog, the Cocker Spaniel has a gentle, sweet and happy personality. They love people and show it with a seemingly constantly wagging tail.

Labrador Retriever Statues
The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the US.
They achieved this popularity by having a personality that is ideal for growing families with small children. These dogs are playful and bouncy but kind, gentle and patient. They are dependable and loving as well as cheerful.