The Historical Sources of Outdoor Toy Soldiers at Christmastime

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Though it may seem somewhat peculiar at first glance—if not downright counterintuitive—the association of outdoor toy soldiers with Christmas is now well established in western cultures. Proof of that fact can be found in the sudden appearance of giant toy soldier decorations on front lawns and in shopping malls nationwide when the Christmas season rolls around.

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Popular Christmas Ornaments

It’s never too early to begin thinking about the upcoming holiday season. As the summer months come to an end, Christmas decor will begin to appear on store shelves. An obvious staple to holiday decor is the Christmas tree. If you are someone who enjoys the tradition of decorating your tree the same annually, investing in a few new ornaments can help revitalize your tree. Inversely, if you enjoy the excitement of changing up your tree decor consider the most popular Christmas ornaments for inspiration. Monochromatic ornament color packages offer a great basis for changing your decor color scheme. If you’re looking for something to add to an existing assortment consider a classic candy cane or toy soldier ornament.

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Christmas Desserts Around The World

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a classic array of Christmas desserts. Accompanying savory holiday meals with indulgent sweets is tradition all over the world. From the German Stollen to the American candy cane, the treats may differ, but the camaraderie that they represent stays constant. In this post I will describe to you some of the most popular holiday desserts from places across the globe; hopefully inspiring you to try something new and learn more about traditions elsewhere. If you’re passionate about holiday treats, consider translating this into your decor with lighted candy canes.

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3 Great Places to Decorate With Giant Toy Soldiers

Life-size Christmas decorations are a fun, exciting way to give spaces more holiday spirit. One of the more festive choices for a massive Christmas decoration that ill give onlookers joy and cheer this year are giant toy soldiers and nutcrackers. They are festive adornments that often appeal to children and adults alike, making friends and strangers alike crack smiles during the holiday season. They are also some of the more popular life-size Christmas decorations to put up, but if you’re thinking about getting one, you may be wondering where to put it when the season comes. Here are some suggestions.

Outside Lawns

Having a massive nutcracker or giant toy soldier placed outside can bring a bit of warmth to a chilly December day. Many schools and churches put these decorations outside their buildings during the Christmas season. Businesses will also keep festive with these life-size figures if they have lawn space to decorate. Customers and patrons enjoy the novelty and holiday cheer associated with these pieces, so there is no need to keep your Christmas decorations completely inside. Folks who enjoy having elaborate Christmas displays at their house can also add a lot to their seasonal fun by incorporating a giant nutcracker into their plans.

Inside Stores

Holiday shopping is stressful, but shoppers can always get a little more when they’re reminded of the reasons they’re out in the first place. If you have a larger store, putting a giant toy soldier on display is often a great way to make kids happy while their parents shop and just give your store a happier feeling during an often stressful time of year. Malls and shopping centers can also benefit from these life-size decorations.

Accompanying Large Christmas Trees

Massive Christmas trees that climb high into the sky are something everyone looks forward to each holiday season whether those trees are outside or inside. Decorating these trees can create beautiful displays, but sometimes the display needs a bit more novelty surrounding the tree. That’s where a few giant toy soldiers can really make a difference and elevate your tree display, making sure everyone will remember it and bringing smiles to their faces every time they do.


When you’re thinking about elaborate holiday displays this year, whether you’re planning for a school, organization, business, library or even a big display at your house, consider adding the flare of a life-size nutcracker or toy soldier to bring it to the next level!

Top Trends For 2021 Christmas Decor

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It is never too early to start planning your Christmas decorations for the upcoming season. Perhaps, you feel like every year you put out the same inflatable Santa Claus or outdoor nativity set and want to change up your routine. Christmas decor trends are the perfect place for anyone to draw inspiration. From color to proportion, the trends of the year can help guide you to decorate in a way that elevates your space while still conveying an overall sense of holiday cheer. 

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Christmas Traditions of Ireland

Christmas traditions around the world differ, however, the values that people celebrate during the holidays remain true everywhere: Family, faith, and spreading cheer. Centered around these ideals, Irish Christmas traditions are no exception. Whether it be gathering as a community to sing carols or decorating a Christmas tree with the family, every Irish holiday tradition is meant to bring light and love into the lives of others. 

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The History of the Christmas Reindeer

During Christmas time we’re surrounded by the tale of Santa and his trusted reindeer.  Stories such as, “T’was the Night Before Christmas,” and others like it have embedded Santa and his reindeer into Christmas culture. Often, children have memorized the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” by the time they’re five. We have fostered a Christmas culture heavily reliant on the concept of the Christmas reindeer, however, few know the reindeer’s true history. 

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Christmas Means Decorating


The Christmas season is upon us and, ho ho ho, it’s time for decorating.  The main event for many of us is a Christmas tree, which can be real, meaning it was once alive, or artificial.  There are a variety of options for real trees.  And within each class of tree, there are choices as well.  Fir trees, for example, include: Balsam, Fraser, Canaan and Douglas to name a few.   Some real tree enthusiasts remain steadfastly loyal to Spruce or Pine.  Because a tree purchased from a lot may shed its needles before the New Year, some people cut down their tree.  Today, many tree farms allow you to roam around the selection of trees in the Fall and label your tree for cutting in December.  This eliminates all those freezing ventures, stomping through deep snow, trying to select just the right one.  Most of us who’ve cut down our own tree have not experienced an adventure equal to that of the Griswald family.

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Don’t Let the Coronavirus Steal Christmas

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This Christmas season, the Coronavirus could be a metaphor for the cantankerous protagonist in Dr. Suess’s book How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  The Grinch is an unhappy creature with a heart “two sizes too small” wanting to ensure that everyone feels as lonely as he, which isn’t too far from reality right now. The Coronavirus is an insidious virus made up of spike proteins that act like grappling hooks, ensuring practically everyone who comes in contact with it gets sick. Yikes!  Well we know what to do about the virus, but what about feeling woeful about Christmas?  Maybe Dr. Suess’s book can give us direction.

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2020 Holiday Season Trends

It’s hard enough to keep track of your own world during the holidays without trying to figure out what’s new and trendy. But Christmas Night Inc. has done it for you! We have our finger on the pulse of the holidays every year, and our guide to the holiday season trends of 2018 will help you have a more rewarding, less stressful December. While you can’t go wrong with tradition, our tips and advice below can put you at the forefront of the season.

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