Fun Christmas Games

Holiday parties are joyful times to begin, but you can turn up the amusement level even further with fun Christmas games. Christmas Night Inc. gathered up a host of different holiday-themed games that can have you and your guests laughing in merriment all night long.

Christmas Trivia Games

Keep guests of all ages guessing and laughing by setting up a Christmas trivia. You can find a few Christmas trivia board games on the market, or you can create your own either in advance or on the spot. Picking a theme can help narrow the questions, and you can also adjust the trivia to match different age groups. Some ideas for Christmas trivia games can include:

  • Santa Claus trivia
  • Reindeer trivia
  • Christmas movie trivia
  • Christmas tradition and history trivia
  • Famous holiday figures
  • Holiday trivia based on past events with family and friends

The last option can be particularly fun if the same people get together every year and have a number of holiday moments you all remember keenly. Questions can include things like: “Who is usually the first to arrive/or last to leave at holiday parties?” or “What notable phrase did Joey utter when he opened a gift to find socks instead of a toy when he was 5?”

Name that Holiday Carol

This fun Christmas game invites participants to guess the name of a carol based on a line from the song. Have one guest say any line that comes to mind, such as “Had a very shiny nose.” Other guests must then guess what carol the line comes from.

The simple example above comes from “Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer,” but you can make it as easy or as challenging as you wish. Whoever guesses the song correctly gets to present the next clue to the crowd.

If remembering the words to Christmas carols becomes too taxing, you can play an alternate version of this game by having someone hum part of a Christmas carol as the clue.

Holiday Spirit Pop Quiz

This game is a fun way to tally how much holiday spirit is in the room. Have someone go around with a piece of paper to use as a scorecard, giving out points for each accessory or article of clothing in their outfit that showcases holiday spirit. You can give one point for each item, or adjust points accordingly.

Someone wearing holiday socks, for example, could get two points. A holiday pin could be worth one point. And if any guests show up in an ugly holiday sweater? At least five points would be a good score for such a grand display of Christmas spirit.

Marshmallow Castle

Similar to building a house of cards, this game engages guests in building a castle of marshmallows. Put a plate in the center of the table, then have each guest put a marshmallow on the plate when their turn comes.

After the bottom layer of the plate is full, they’ll have to start building a castle on top of the marshmallow foundation. Keep the game going as long as possible, until the castle topples from someone’s marshmallow placement. That person, alas, loses the game.

Christmas Charades

Christmas charades follows the same format as the traditional charades game, but with a holiday twist. Guests here have to act out a Christmas-related scene, character or situation without speaking. Examples include pretending to be Santa, a reindeer, or acting out parts of a song. “The 12 Days of Christmas,” for instance, has a slew of different lines someone could use as the clue.

Two Truths and a Lie Game

This game involves a person answering a question with two true statements and one false statement, with participants having to guess which statement is the lie. The Christmas version of this game uses the same format, but with holiday-themed questions.

Let’s say the question is, “What was the worst Christmas gift you ever got?” The player would then name three horrible Christmas gifts, two that he actually received and one that he never received but sounds believable enough to fool the other participants. Those who can spot the lie get a point on a rolling scorecard.

Holiday Guess Who

Sometimes a crowd needs some warming up, particularly if it’s a Christmas party where guests don’t know each other all that well. Holiday Guess Who is a terrific way to go about it. This game involves a list of holiday-related facts about people, and guests have to find a person who matches up with the facts.

Facts on the list can include things like:

  • Find a person who can name all eight reindeer.
  • Find a person who has re-gifted three or more Christmas gifts.
  • Find a person who is wearing holiday socks.
  • Find a person who has dressed up as Santa Claus at least once.

Use your imagination to come up with facts that are straightforward or outlandish as you wish.

With so many fun Christmas games at your disposal, you can bet your holiday party will have nary a dull moment. You can also bet your guests will thoroughly enjoy getting to know each other better while making new memories for many Christmases to come. Feel free to check out the holiday decorations at Christmas Night Inc. to add another layer of fun to your holiday get-togethers.