Christmas in April/May

“It’s funny to be talking about Christmas in April” said the nice lady from a small town in Virginia, “but I know if I don’t get started planning our fund raising, it will never happen” She and her congregation at a very small church have set their sights on a fabulous Nativity set made by Fontanini, the Italian manufacturer of the world’s most artistically beautiful ( and often, most expensive) Nativity figures and scenes from three inches to full life size.

She wanted to do something beyond the usual church bake sale, raffle, bingo, silent auction or fund raiser and hit upon what she called “Christmas in July”. As she explained it they were going to have a Christmas  party with a tree and presents, except that the presents would be pictures of the individual Nativity figures. Members of the congregation will be able to donate to the church Nativity fund for whichever figure they choose.

To help her with this, we provided full color pictures of each of the fifteen beautiful Nativity figures, including the Holy Family, three Kings, Gabriel, Ox, Donkey, Camel, two Angels, two sheep, a Stable and, last but not least. a bagpiper! The Italians are very creative and inclusive when creating their Nativity sets.

Our pictures, each one with a cost, will be placed on their tree, and church members can note the figure and make their commitment toward the purchase. We are happy to help and we are also happy to pass on a very good fund raising idea.