2020 Holiday Season Trends

It’s hard enough to keep track of your own world during the holidays without trying to figure out what’s new and trendy. But Christmas Night Inc. has done it for you! We have our finger on the pulse of the holidays every year, and our guide to the holiday season trends of 2018 will help you have a more rewarding, less stressful December. While you can’t go wrong with tradition, our tips and advice below can put you at the forefront of the season.

Holiday Shopping Trends

1. Mobile shopping is here to stay.  The year 2017 saw more than 40 percent of November and December purchases were made using mobile phones, especially via store apps. In 2018, this is expected to climb to more than 50 percent. In fact, some in the newer generation only browse and shop on their phones. Most mobile purchases are made during the early morning, at night and on weekends. Work hours are one time where desktop purchases still dominate online sales.

2. Yes, Christmas shopping will start earlier.  The holiday shopping season continues to get earlier and bigger every year, from “Black Friday” sales beginning on Thursday to Cyber Monday expanding into Cyber Week. This year, shoppers are expected to start looking for deals as early as late October. As much as some people profess to dislike this “Christmas Creep”, there has been evidence in recent of “buyer fatigue” setting in following the initial rush. So it’s probably best to get your shopping and selling in early, as much as you might loathe it.

3. Post-Christmas shopping is a hidden opportunity for everyone.  Studies have shown that shopping surges again during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Known to some as “Cyber Week 2”, this is when A) stores are often trying to unload excess inventory and B) shoppers are armed with gift cards they received on Christmas. Both businesses and customers can take advantage with the right deals.

Holiday Decoration Trends

1. Colors are in the cooler spectrum this year.  Pretty much everyone is familiar with the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, silver and gold. But in 2018, the range of purple, blue and gray is in fashion. These cool but vibrant colors will enhance the wintery aspects of your ornaments, lawn figures and other decorations. Metal hints such as platinum and copper – and yes, silver and gold – will give them the fiery edge that befits Christmas Eve.

2. Go rustic with greenery.  Whether you’re dressing up the mantle or setting up a  giant Santa sleigh  on your front lawn, try lining it with some real evergreen clippings or leaves. These darker tones add a natural rustic touch and fit perfectly with the seasonal theme of life and rebirth.

3. Urban chic is in.  If you haven’t thought of metal, glass or concrete decorations as being part of Christmas, think again. The brilliance of this modern décor lies in its simplicity, as it brings a feeling of coziness to your home. Use metal and glass to create geometric ornaments, candleholders and tabletop sculptures. Their reflective qualities create cool light patterns that dazzle at night.

4. Decorate the table.  Tables aren’t just for eating. A new trend is to make the table a focal point for holiday decoration, as this sets the mood of each meal. Everything has potential, from the tablecloth and plates to the napkin holders, candles and ornaments. Go classic chic with a red scheme and some small white details or try out the blues and grays we mentioned earlier.

Trends in Holiday Fashion

1. You can’t go wrong with white.  If you live in the northern climates, you may think there’s too much white around with all the snow. But white provides a great seasonal canvas to accent with other colors. A white jacket will make the pops of black polka dots, a red scarf or blue hat stand out even more.

2. Velvet is on the comeback.  A velvet outfit is an increasingly trendy look. The combination of the soft look and feel with some bold dark colors up the romantic aspect of the holiday season. You’ll especially stand out against the white and green all around you. A black and blue velvet outfit is a good choice for ladies, while men might go for a maroon velvet suit.

3. Plaid is rad.  Grunge rockers remember plaid, and this check pattern is back in vogue for both men and women as part of the ’90s nostalgia movement. It’s a timeless look that’s way more fashionable than a holiday sweater – and when the pattern is printed on flannel fabric, it’s just as warm. Keep it minimal, though, or you’ll end up looking like a 25-year-old grandma.

4. Flowers aren’t just for summer.  A floral print will really stand out during the holiday season. Go for a dark, romantic print as opposed to the brighter tones of spring and summer flowers. Asian floral prints are another fun option that is always in style. This isn’t limited to women, either. Guys can rock a floral shirt with roses or carnations as well, especially if there are a few star embellishments to balance the theme.