Top Trends For 2021 Christmas Decor

It is never too early to start planning your Christmas decorations for the upcoming season. Perhaps, you feel like every year you put out the same inflatable Santa Claus or outdoor nativity set and want to change up your routine. Christmas decor trends are the perfect place for anyone to draw inspiration. From color to proportion, the trends of the year can help guide you to decorate in a way that elevates your space while still conveying an overall sense of holiday cheer. 

Warm And Bright Color Schemes 

A true staple for the holiday season, the warm and bright color palette encompasses off whites, metallics, and warm-toned lighting. This trend is perfect for anyone who craves a comfortable space to relax in during the holiday season. To achieve this look, try adding candles to your space and decorating with differently proportioned greenery. A great addition includes wrapping gold-toned lights around any stairwell or exposed beams in your home. When decorating the tree, it’s best to stay in the neutral color palette, while basing your ornament assortment off of white or gold-toned lights. 


A classic holiday decor piece, nutcrackers have been around for ages. This year we will see a resurgence of the trend with a fun twist mostly nodding to color. In addition to the traditional red, blue, and green color palette we will begin to see other whimsical colors accented within their design. Consider experimenting with the proportion of the nutcracker as you are decorating. An assortment of oversized and miniature nutcrackers would offer great variety and interest within your space. 

out door nutcracker

 Natural Undertones

With sustainability as a megatrend in most industries, it serves as no shock that it will translate into this year’s Christmas decor. Think decorating for the holidays with an overall tie back to nature. A great way to achieve this trend would be incorporating lots of real greenery. In addition to your Christmas tree, consider adding bouquets of branches and other types of leafy greenery. Experimenting with oversized wreaths could add a great dimension to your space. If going for a more Earth-toned color palette, dried floral assortments would offer a nice contrast to the green, while staying with the overall natural energy. For those looking to decorate with more color, adding bouquets containing colorful flowers is always a great idea. Poinsettias are a holiday classic, however, trying a bouquet with other exciting colors might help elevate your decor this season.


Over the past few years, farmhouse interior design has been hugely popular. Due to its ability to match a majority of neutral home aesthetics, the farmhouse holiday decor trend is here to stay. Achieve this look by incorporating plaids, rustic elements, and an overall warm color scheme. Keeping plaids to reds, neutrals, blacks, and greens try experimenting with plaids of different sizes. While a neutral color palette is common in the farmhouse aesthetic, a great place for a pop of color could be your tree decor. Try saturated red berries or oversized ornaments of your choice color to mix it up or better match your space. Adding rustic elements such as pine cones, dried bouquets, and branches or wreaths adds dimension and a great contrast to the overall neutral aesthetic. 

Bringing Back the Old

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought out a feeling of nostalgia in the majority of us. We can expect to see this feeling translated into holiday decor through the use of vintage, maybe even heirloom Christmas decor pieces. Consider pulling out the aged Christmas ornaments or outdoor nativity set instead of investing in new decor. While decorating, picture your space with an overall aged, rustic, and nostalgic energy. Bring a comfortable and cozy spirit back to your space by stringing warm-toned lights around the tree and assorting candles around the room.