Popular Christmas Ornaments

It’s never too early to begin thinking about the upcoming holiday season. As the summer months come to an end, Christmas decor will begin to appear on store shelves. An obvious staple to holiday decor is the Christmas tree. If you are someone who enjoys the tradition of decorating your tree the same annually, investing in a few new ornaments can help revitalize your tree. Inversely, if you enjoy the excitement of changing up your tree decor consider the most popular Christmas ornaments for inspiration. Monochromatic ornament color packages offer a great basis for changing your decor color scheme. If you’re looking for something to add to an existing assortment consider a classic candy cane or toy soldier ornament.

Coordinated Color Assortments

Assorted color ornament sets are the easiest way to build an ornament collection. If you are a new homeowner who is intimidated by the task of figuring out how to decorate your space, beginning with a staple color ornament package will lay the groundwork for the rest of your decor. Begin by deciding if you want a traditional decor style or something more modern and eccentric, this will inform the color you choose. Also consider whether you will be decorating a traditional green tree or a fake tree of a different color. Once you have your base color decided, you can build your collection with some of the other categories of ornaments. If you gravitate toward traditional decor consider adding candy cane or toy soldier ornaments in color ways that compliment your chosen base. 

Novelty Ornaments

The category of novelty ornaments encases anything fun and playful. Most make references to popular movies or TV shows. Others are meant for comical relief. Regardless, novelty ornaments offer a whimsical take on Christmas ornaments and decor as a whole. Novelty ornaments are great additions to gifts because they offer immense personalization potential. An ornament that references a friend’s favorite movie or an inside joke makes a gift even more meaningful than before. This ornament category works great with eccentric style decor because it is more likely to contain a wider assortment of colors than traditional ornaments. Furthermore, novelty ornaments are an amusing  and colorful addition to any ornament collection. 

christmas decore

Personalized Ornaments

The most important part of the holiday season is spending time with family. A common thread through most household decor during the holiday season is incorporating family pictures and memorabilia. Centered around the celebration of family love, this beautiful trend is certainly here to stay. A great way to incorporate family into your ornament assortment is through personalization. Ornaments that include personal dates, names, and faces are festive ways to commemorate special occasions. Similar to novelty ornaments, the personalized aspect makes these ornaments great additions to any holiday gift. In my family, each parent receives an ornament with their child’s name and birthdate written across in celebration of their first Christmas. Personalized ornaments are outstanding ways to celebrate family love and the special moments that  we experience through life.


The Nutcracker is a classic symbol of Christmas tradition. Possibly one of the most common decor pieces, not just among tree ornaments, the nutcracker is a great addition to any holiday home. Nutcracker ornaments can be found in a multitude of color combinations, ranging from more traditional reds and greens to more playful purples and pinks. This being said, you can certainly find a nutcracker to match any ornament color palette. Most people believe that these toy soldiers only fit into a traditional decoration style, this however is a common misconception. In an eccentric color, these nutcracker ornaments can fit right into a modern ornament assortment. If you already have nutcrackers on your tree, consider bringing this classic motif throughout the rest of your decor with a toy soldier statue.

out door nutcracker