Trends in Outdoor Christmas Decorating

This is the time of year when we get very busy. Right now, we are answering many quote requests from commercial Christmas decorators and installers. Maybe it’s the economy, but it seems to me that there is less large out door Christmas product available, while demand has only declined a little. Our new “Larger than Life Size Nativity” set is about to sell out and we have already sold out of many versions of Toy Soldier and Nutcracker. With typhoons and tropical storms in the Pacific, timely replenishment for these figures is pretty much ruled out.

One really interesting development from a supplier is the substitution of LED bulbs for incandescent on consumer Christmas Light displays. The LED bulbs have been offered as an alternative on commercial Christmas Light Displays for a few years now. They offer a quite different look, less heat and energy use and long life compared to the incandescent light. The lighting in our homes is changing, why shouldn’t our Christmas decorations?

We are certainly seeing the impact of job losses and the reduced economy on Church giving. Many of our Nativity sets are purchased by church congregations, usually led by a parishioner who provides the leadership and often the lion’s share of the money needed to purchase the set. This year, the process is more democratic and more people are participating but it is more difficult to get people to provide money, not a surprise.