More on Fund Raising

We recently wrote about several different approaches to raising small capital funds  from church members to purchase a beautiful new Nativity scene. These programs included presentation packages of large color photos and information for the buying committee, a “Christmas in July” party with a Christmas tree decorated with pictures of the individual Nativity figures with their purchase price written on the back and a silent auction gathering again with the opportunity for members of the congregation to buy individual  pieces to complete the set. All of these methods have  worked  effectively for our customers who have reported them to me.

A recent program involved a few more steps, but was equally successful. The decision makers group decided what Nativity set they wanted asked us for the shipping cost and several full color 81/2×11 photos of the set, then sent out letters to all parishioners, describing the set, spelling out how many donations of a certain minimum amount they would need and inviting people to commit the following Sunday at church, with sign up sheet beside the large photos of the set. They were over subscribed!.

Between, bake sales, cookbook sales, raffles and many other ideas, most churches are very innovative in raising money for capital items. We offer to help any way we can.