Things to Consider When Choosing a Nativity Set

Today I will start a series about some of the things we consider important when choosing a Nativity Set. Despite and perhaps because of, the increasingly secular nature of the Christmas holiday season, more amd more Christians are opting to celebrate the original reason for the holiday by displaying a Nativity Set, with or without the other symbols, such as a Christmas tree.

If you are buying for your home, church, office, school or hospital, there are several factors to consider:

Will it be displayed outside?

If you intend to set up your Nativity outside, the figures should be made of a durable material such as wood, fiberglass reinforced resin, concrete or resin filled and reinforced with stone marble or sand ( usually called polyresin). The paint should be weather and sunlight resistant and also UVA ( ultraviolet A ) resistant. Of course, even the most durable finish will fade when exposed to daily sun and weather over the years. We assume that you intend to display your set for the five or six weeks of the Christmas holiday season.

Nativity sets displayed outside should be lighted with spotlights and should be large enough to be visible to motorists or pedestrians passing by