Thanks for the Comments

In a previous post, I wrote about starting this blog as an SEO aid for our website Christmas Night Inc.. I have been writing the blog since April 17,2009. At first, I was straining to find things to write about, until I started to “write what I know”. The more I do this, the more interesting comments I received, to the point where I feel I owe some responders answers to their questions and requests.

I an now finding out how to add pictures, diagrams and. perhaps videos as several of you have requested. I agree, these will make for a better publication. With regard to the blog template, we used the basic WordPress template. As regards spam blocking, WordPress has a  built in spam blocking functionality which the tech people set at a high enough level to be effective.

Going forward, we want to become more sophisticated and try to make our blog look more like our website, as well as use more of the many tools that seem to be available for blogs. But for now, we will continue to write about the industry, our business and business in general as well as publishing stories from really skilled writers and storytellers like Brian “Fox” Ellis