More On Religious Christmas Displays

My last post attracted a lot of comment. Most of the writers agreed with my position that religious Christmas displays by businesses, communities and institutions continue to grow. Like one of the writers, many of our creche customers, say that they are going back to what their parents or grandparents did, that is replace the Christmas tree with a Nativity Scene as a symbol of the celebration. The size and detail of the new Nativity Scenes make this an attractive decision.Even the folks who cannot bear to part with the tree are adding a Creche around the base.

I grew up in a time when Nativity Creche  were small, table top or mantle-piece figures and the outdoor Nativity display figures were the tacky lighted  blow-mold pieces that were more like cartoon figures than lifelike. In those days the few large life size Nativity Sets were made in Italy by Fontanini,  were limited to indoor use and were very expensive. Well,  Fontanini has now been in business for over 100 years and its Nativities are still very beautiful and very expensive. Like any exclusive product Fontanini  has generated lower price versions, made in the Orient and the Philippines. These Nativity figures are made of resin and resin/fabric combination  and their lower price and great availability as well as a much larger range of sets, has helped build the greater Christmas display of Nativities we see today.