How to Re-Purpose Christmas Decor Beyond The Holidays

In the hidden city, backyard strung with lights, chairs, trees, red door, winter, U District, Seattle, Washington, USAWhile we all love to go overboard for the Christmas season, what do you do with your Christmas decorations after the holidays are over? Many of us pack them up and put them away in storage and don’t think about them again until next year when it’s time to decorate for Christmas again. But what if we told you there are ways to re-purpose Christmas decorations for times of the year other than Christmas? It’s possible, and here’s what you need to know.

Tree lights

This decoration might be one of the most popular items that many people have learned to re-use throughout the year. After the holidays are over and it’s time to take the tree down, don’t think it’s time to put the white tree lights away too. There are so many ways to keep these lights shining throughout the entire year. Whether you like to throw backyard parties during the warmer weather or you like to keep the entrance way to your home lit up, Christmas lights are definitely no longer used just for Christmas time.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper for Christmas can get as simple and solid or as Santa themed as you’d like, but once the holiday is over, what do you do with what’s left? By gathering all of your leftover paper and scraps, there are several options you might be surprised by! Use these leftovers to line shelves and kitchen drawers that could use some pops of color, or if you used metallic paper for wrapping, use this to line drink trays for New Year’s Eve.


The day after Christmas, a lot of people are likely to take down their Christmas tree and in turn, pack up all of the ornaments that go along with it. Rather than packing up all of your ornaments, pick out some of your favorites and place them inside a vase or a jar. This can make for a very pretty centerpiece or table scape!


When it comes to leftover Christmas cards, the possibilities for how to reuse these are practically endless! Whether you decide you want to hole punch them and turn them into confetti for New Year’s Eve or hold on to them to use as gift tags for birthday presents, you really can’t go wrong with having leftover cards! If you’re concerned that the design of the card is too Christmas-y, hold on to them and use them as tags for presents next year. Either way, you’ll be able to re-purpose them for something!


The fresh wreath is the best way to go during Christmas time, but once the holiday is over, you really have no option but to put it at the curb with your tree. Rather than throwing out the entire wreath, take pine needles from it and save in a potpourri bag. This way, even though your tree and wreath might be gone, you can still have the scent of Christmas to last as long as you want!