The Giant Snowman Comes to the Silver Screen

Winter brings to many localities chilling weather, a need for warm coats, and—if you’re lucky—snow. Children watch white flakes coat the yard and road, crossing their fingers that school will be closed for the day. (Parents, on the other hand, might be crossing their fingers that school stays open!) That lovely snowfall draws kids and adults alike outside to make snow angels and go sledding down nearby hills. And then there is the epitome of snow fun—building a giant snowman.

There is joy not only in rolling big snowballs for the body and the head, but also in deciding what should make the nose (possibly a carrot or shiny button?), mouth (pebbles, maybe?), and eyes (pieces of coal or perhaps more buttons?); and then finding sticks for arms and a jaunty hat to complete this frozen artwork.

You can make snowmen of all sizes, of course. But the most fun seems to be in building a giant snowman—the bigger, the better. Not only will he stand out, but he’ll last longer too! But what if the weather won’t cooperate, or you just don’t have the time? As it happens, anyone—whether they live in areas where there is lots of snow or no snow at all—can decorate their lawns and homes for winter or for the Christmas season with a festive, non-melting giant snowman!

Giant Snowmen Make Their Mark in Film

Snowmen, with what we imagine to be their big personalities, have often seemed larger than life. Remember the joyous snowman described in the 1950 song “Frosty the Snowman”? With this reputation for happiness, it’s no surprise that life-sized, giant snowmen would be given their time on the silver screen. Let’s take a look at several popular ones.

Frosty the Snowman (1969)

That jolly, happy soul couldn’t be contained in just a song. In 1969, the now-classic animated film of the same name was released. In this charming tale, children find a silk top hat that was lost by an evil magician. They put it on their snowman’s head, wherewith the snowman—Frosty—comes to life! Of course, the magician wants the magic top hat back! The ensuing chase takes Frosty and a young friend to the North Pole to keep away from the magician and to stop Frosty from melting. There they meet Santa, who saves the day.

Frosty’s story continued with films such as Frosty’s Winter Wonderland (1976), Frosty Returns (1992), and The Legend of Frosty the Snowman (2005), in which Frosty travels to the town of Evergreen, a place where the children are not supposed to have fun. Of course, Frosty, in his magic top hat, shows the children exactly how to have fun and, for good measure, teaches the adults how important fun can be. It’s enough to make you wonder if a giant snowman in your yard might come to life with the help of a magic hat!

The Snowman (1982)

In this beautifully animated film, based on Raymond Briggs’ 1978 picture book of the same name, a boy named James builds a giant snowman following a heavy snow. That night, after midnight, the snowman comes to life. The boy shows him around the house and they play with the boy’s toys, keeping quiet so as not to awaken James’s parents. They find a motorcycle in the garden and take a ride through the woods, but the heat from the engine begins to melt the snowman. Back at the house, James puts the snowman in the garage freezer to refreeze him. When the snowman sees a picture of the Arctic, he knows he must go there. He hurries outside, taking James by the hand, and they begin to fly. They soar over beautiful, snow-covered landscapes, heading north, where they discover a party of snowmen and meet Father Christmas. The film has no dialogue. Aside from the stunning animation, the soundtrack is a symphonic poem, stunning in its own right, and culminating in a lovely song, “Walking in the Air,” which makes this an extra special Christmas story.

Jack Frost (1998)

This live-action family film tells the story of a boy with a kind father who, unfortunately, is not good at keeping his promises. One night, the father speeds to meet up with his family and is killed in a car accident. The boy is heartbroken. Yet a year later, the father’s spirit enters a giant snowman that the boy has built and makes things right between the two of them.

Once Upon a Snowman (2020)

In 2013, Disney released a very popular film titled Frozen. There are a number of memorable characters in this film, one being an adorable snowman by the name of Olaf. This character was an instant hit with moviegoers and it was decided that he deserved more of the spotlight. A film about Olaf, titled Once Upon a Snowman, was subsequently released in 2020. In this animated short, Olaf, excited to find himself a living snowman, realizes he doesn’t know who he is. He needs a name and he wants a nose. But mostly, he wants to find his place in the world. He undergoes wild adventures during his search.

Coming Soon to a Front Lawn Near You: Your Own Giant Snowman

People have their own favorite snowman films and their own favorite snowmen characters. Frosty? Olaf? The Artic-seeking flying snowman? You can make that favorite come alive in your neighborhood, your memory, and your heart by placing a wonderful, durable giant snowman decoration from Christmas Night, Inc. in your yard.

Here’s to snowmen of all sizes and the jolly, happy joy they add to the season!

Family sitting on giant snowman bench