About Stories

We originally added stories to our website to improve our Google page positions with more relevant content. We wrote our own stories and requested Christmas and St Francis related stories from friends and families. We also paid professional writers for new and imaginative stories. Much to our surprise and delight, these  stories became an important part of our website and even a destination for some customers.

Our latest  customer satisfaction survey had several requests for new stories and favorable comments on what we already have. Based on our experience, so far and the favorable comments, we have decided to have our new stories written by Brian “Fox” Ellis a well known writer and storyteller from Illinois. Brian Ellis has been collecting and telling stories for more than 25 years. He speaks and performs in such diverse  venues as riverboats, science conferences, schools churches and libraries. He performs several one man storytelling “shows” as Charles Darwin, Walt Whitman, John James Audubon and relates stories of Abraham Lincoln.

Brian Ellis has written ten books including the award winning childrens picture book The Web at Dragonfly Pond. Christmas Night Inc  has recently added Kneeling Santa Claus at the Manger and Who is Welcome at His House by Brian “Fox” Ellis. Please visit him on his website www.foxtalesint.com